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Launching​ the “InnovatioCuris Foundation of Healthcare and Excellence “(ICFHE) company not for profit ​an extended arm of Innovatiocuris ​to focus on social impact projects. We realized that some of our activities are not motivated by profit but for the impact and benefit of the community. In order​ ​to ​serve community ​better we will be moving our activities like the IC InnovatorClub under the Foundation umbrella.


IC InnovatorCLUB

IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 is the brainchild of Surgeon Rear Admiral V K Singh (Retd.) who is also the author of the book “Innovations in Healthcare Management: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions”. He, along with some like-minded partners created a company InnovatioCuris (IC) to address the high cost of healthcare through innovation, use of technology and similar tools. During the last year, IC has created a knowledge platform with webinars, conference and magazine to connect and disseminate information to innovators around the world. IC’s large network of senior thought leaders, start-up companies, investors, incubator organizations, government officials, members of Parliament, ambassadors, academicians and many foreign dignitaries felt the need of a common platform to not only discuss innovation but to facilitate it. Thus, the idea of IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 was rooted and took shape.


ICFHE has conducted many webinars in the field of healthcare innovation. Many healthcare experts from around the world have been invited to give talks on various topics of healthcare innovations.


To help 1 million diabetic people in either curing or better managing diabetes through open and accessible remedies and methods which are scientifically tested.

Our team

V K Singh at About ICFHE team member

Dr. V K Singh

Managing Director

Sachin-Gaur at About ICFHEteam member

Sachin Gaur

Director Operations