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A Business Delegation Program


Bridging the healthcare innovation gap


InnoBRIDGE Sweden

What is InnoBRIDGE

InnoBRIDGE is an initiative of InnovatioCuris (IC) to create a high level access for the Indian healthcare stakeholders to the foreign healthcare market, stakeholders and decision-makers. These delegation program aims to strengthen the healthcare collaboration between Indian healthcare organisations and the foreign organisations to showcase the best of their healthcare to the Indian delegates.

Why join InnoBRIDGE

InnoBRIDGE undertakes initatives to connect Indian business with global business. Such activities include meeting the Heads of State and Government, decision-makers, networking with counterpart organisations, multilateral and academic institutions and other policy making bodies.

InnoBRIDGE gives a chance to its delegates to be a part In agenda building, by giving possibility to customize the program basis the requirements of the delegation from India and foreign offerings

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